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Wednesdays, October 6, 13 & 20, 2021 at 7-9pmEST on Zoom

Last offered: July, 2021 at 7-9pmEST on Zoom

Other recent course offerings: May/June, 2021 Course 1 sections of Critical Firsts: An examination of Respiration, Phonation and Resonance

Voice Teacher Training with Dr. Peter: A vocal pedagogy series for new voice teachers

Upcoming Course and Dates: Strategic Planning for voice teachers: Registers and Exercises and Rep [oʊ maɪ]: Course 2 in Vocal Pedagogy with Dr. Peter

Dates, time & location: October 6, 13 & 20, 7-9pmEST over Zoom



Course 2: Strategic Planning for voice teachers

The focus of this three-week teacher training sequence will be on strategic planning for teachers and their students. This interactive examination of vocal registration, exercise building, and repertoire selection will prepare participants to

  • determine and communicate range and registration matters with their students
  • create strategic and meaningful vocal exercises and warmups for general and individualized use
  • assign repertoire to students in a prescriptive and collaborative way, keeping eyes and ears on short and long term goals—technical and artistic

Note: in each class, special attention will be placed on addressing the binary-centricity in much of the existing teaching literature and historical pedagogical practices, as they relate to each topic

Peter at the piano
Fabulous teaching day in Lebanon!
Peter with colleagues in Turkmenistan

Course Description

Course description, organized by topics and guided discussion questions

Week 1: Registration and Range

(a) What are registers? How do we determine them and why are they important?

(b) Vocal classification: an examination of range, tessitura and timbre

(c) Countertenoring and other matters of falsetto singing

(d) Addressing binary-centricity in much of the literature, and moving forward in our studios and with our students

Week 2: Vocalizing, exercising and warming up

(a) Multi-tasking: the purpose and the process of warming up and vocal exercises

(b) Creating a repertoire of exercises, and individualizing them for specific students and specific repertoire

(c) Feeling at home with the keyboard: a discussion aimed at those who fear it, those who may depend on it too much, and everyone in between. I love a piano…don’t I?

Week 3: Repertoire and communicating with students

(a) Assigning repertoire prescriptively and collaboratively: communicating with students to align their desires with the teacher’s action plan for growth

(b) How to create a strategic, yet flexible repertoire plan of action for each student, including short andlonger term goals

(c) Teacher and student mindfulness: understanding how registrational awareness and repertoire-based exercise grow and the voice and enhance artistry

Cost, Discount & Dates

Cost & discount option

Course Fee: $375; Discount option: $350 if you register by or before September 30, 2021

Upcoming Course and Dates: Strategic Planning: October 6, 13 & 20, 2021 from 7-9pmEST held over Zoom

Complete the form below to register for the October, 2021 section of Strategic Planning: Registers and Exercises and Rep [oʊ maɪ]! with Dr. Peter. You will be contacted shortly with payment and Zoom instructions. 

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Course reading: A supplemental reading list will be sent at the time of registration and will primarily include vocal pedagogy texts and related articles written by Oren Brown, Scott McCoy, James McKinney, Richard Miller, Paul Kiesgen, and Peter Thoresen.

Questions about course readiness: While this course comes 2nd in a sequenced class setting, it is open to voice teachers and professionals who feel confident in their understanding of the key elements of respiration, phonation, and resonance. If you have questions about your readiness for this course, please reach out directly to Peter Thoresen by email: peter.thoresen@gmail.com

About the instructor: Dr. Peter Thoresen is an award-winning voice teacher, countertenor, and music director. He is the founder of Peter Thoresen Vocal Studios in New York City, and is an adjunct voice professor at Pace University in the BFA Music Theater Program. His students appear regularly on Broadway (Dear Evan Hansen, Caroline, or Change, Hamilton, Mean Girls, Kinky Boots, Beetlejuice, and many others), off-Broadway, in national tours and all over TV & film. Peter’s students regularly appear on the Tony Awards and Emmy Awards and record on variety of labels. He performs and teaches internationally with the Association of American Voices, music directing and performing in their Broadway YES Academies in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Indonesia and Turkmenistan.

Peter received an inaugural Joan Frey-Boytim award for Independent Teachers (a national teaching award presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing), and is a previous Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions district winner. He performs throughout the US and abroad. He holds a Doctor of Music degree in voice from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where he served as a visiting faculty member.

His dozen+ articles on singing and music education are featured in Classical Singer Magazine, and in the Voice Teacher’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for Teachers of Singing (Hal Leonard, 2018). Additionally, he holds a Master’s degree in voice from the Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor’s degree in voice from Illinois Wesleyan University.


Insta: @peter.thoresen Twitter: @DrPetesTweets

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