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Sean Green

“Dr. Peter Thoresen creates a space for practicing and exploring your instrument that is warm, nonjudgmental, and safe. He has a way of crafting your lessons to make you feel confident in the skills and tools that you already have, while offering new techniques seamlessly. The level of clarity that he approaches the work with is extremely helpful! I would highly recommend studying with Peter, no matter what your background with singing is!”

– Suni Jade Reid
(Hamilton, Broadway)

Eden Eernissee

“Peter is a fabulous technical voice teacher, inspired vocal coach, terrific networker and dear friend. He has been a very important mentor and influence on my career for the past 2.5 years in NYC. His technique, expectations and patience make him a demanding yet encouraging teacher. He has prepared me for Broadway appointments, regional callbacks, production coachings and everything in between. He has regularly connected me to professionals and helped me book my very first job in the city. One of my favorite things about Peter is his desire to cultivate and highlight his students’ unique vocal gifts through healthy, efficient singing. Peter reminds his students that they are special artists!”

– Eden Eernissee 
(54 Below; Theatre 80 St. Mark’s)

Elisa de la Roche

“Peter Thoresen is an exceptional voice teacher and coach. He is an accomplished pianist, knows many styles and genre of music, including classical, show tunes and jazz, has a great knowledge of vocal training, and is a cheerful and supportive teacher. He coaches me for auditions, helps me keep my voice in good shape, and develops my repertoire. I thoroughly enjoy his classes and have grown as a singer and performer because of them.”

– Elisa de la Roche 
(The Cosby Show; Law & Order SVU, CI)

Miles Josephson

“Peter Thoresen is a natural born teacher.  He is endlessly supportive, infinitely knowledgeable, abundantly warm, and contagiously passionate. Peter will help you fall deeper in love with singing and with every lesson you will hear a difference. If you work with Peter, he will change your life and your voice, all for the best.”

– Miles Josephson 
(Leading trans Advocate, 54 Below)

Kate Balch

“I’ve been taking voice lessons since I was 12 years old. But, Peter has taken my voice to a level I could never have imagined. I am singing opera as if a high C was my first word; he has opened my heart and soul to create music I crave to perform. His unparalleled artistry, work ethic and charismatic energy create a tour de force that makes you wish every lesson were longer than an hour. He is more than a gifted teacher and friend; he is an inspirational muse that will help you grow as a person and artist.”

– Kate Balch 
(Lead video content producer at Huffington Post; Head of Production with Beautiful Destinations)

Haley Huxley

“Peter is a joy to work with. He has really helped me grow not just vocally, but also in terms of my confidence. What I like about Peter, is that when he gives you a note, he phrases it in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing something wrong, just that you don’t need that tension or to look so academic when you’re singing. He is always encouraging and confident in you. Studying with Peter helped my voice get stronger and gave me the tools and the belief in myself to make it through college auditions and get into some pretty good schools.”

– Haley Huxley 
(Legally Blonde, Danbury Musicals at Richter)

Jackie Traish

“As someone who is fairly new to singing, Peter creates this incredibly warm and welcoming environment for his students. He gives such precise instruction, and caters to each student specifically in order to help them achieve their goals as a vocalist. I would highly recommend Peter as a voice teacher because of his expertise and his incredible drive to bring out the best in each of his students. I feel so much more confident in my abilities, and he continues to push me to be the best musician I can be. Being one of his students is an absolute joy!”

– Jackie Traish 
(Stranded Silver Flute Quartet; 13th & Broadway; NYC flute teacher)

Ariel Kurtz

“Peter is such a wonderful voice teacher! I came to him feeling lost after leaving a BFA program and not knowing where to begin with my vocal growth. Peter creates a safe and fun environment and makes sure I am singing with the healthiest vocal technique possible while challenging me as a singer/musician. He has helped me grow my range in my chest voice and strengthen my soprano. If you want a kind teacher who is a wonderful technician with a wealth of Musical Theatre knowledge, go to Peter!”

– Ariel Kurtz 
(Champion Studios; Manhattan Rep Theatre; Williamstown Theatre Festival)

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